Thank you for visiting King County Water District No.49's website. We are located at 415 S.W. 153rd Street in Burien. This district provides services to more than 16,000 residential and commercial users in parts of Burien and northern Normandy Park. King County Water District No.49 has seven employees and three commissioners govern the district.

The water this district provides is supplied from the Cedar River Watershed. The Cedar River Watershed is located in a remote, uninhabited area of the Cascade Mountains and is managed by the City of Seattle. The city also maintains large transmission pipelines which convey the water from the watershed to our area. The District’s distribution system is connected to these pipelines by four separate taps on large transmission mains.

Proposed Water Reservoir and Booster Pump Station

The District is planning to construct an above-ground water reservoir and booster pump station on District property between 8th Ave SW and 9th Ave SW on the south side of SW 146th St in Burien. Additional storage is required to support higher fire flow demands and to make the local water supply system more reliable under high demand or emergency supply conditions. A Public Information Meeting was held on April 18, 2108. A copy of the presentation, including preliminary site plan and structure drawings, can be found here. The project is in the early stage of design and permitting. The District invites your input and feedback – please contact us by phone, email or mail. You can use the form found here or reach us through our Contact Us page. The general schedule is for design and permitting to continue into early 2019 with construction planned for later in 2019 through 2020.

New water rates effective January/February 2018

The Honorable Board of Commissioners of Water District No. 49 and staff have Reviewed budget and rates at regularly scheduled board and special meetings. After review and evaluation, the Board of Commissioners has approved to adopt a rate increase of 5%. The additional revenue generated will be used to fund future capital projects, including a new reservoir and pump station.

This increase will go into effect on your January/February 2018 bill.

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Water District No 49 is responsible for over 59 miles of water mains and over 4,100 service connections. We are responsible for pipes and connections up to and including all water meters. Every customer is responsible for his or her service line connections from the customer's side of the water meter into, and within, the property.

In case of an emergency, like a broken pipe inside the home, all customers should know the location of the water shutoff valve inside their house. If you need the water turned off at the meter, call 206-242-8535 24 hours a day. The District will send a maintenance technician to shut off the water at the meter. Please be advised that if the meter is tampered with or broken, you will be charged a $100 tamper fee plus time, materials and permitting for the repair.