RE: Water District No. 49 Customer Survey
575 Reservoir and Booster Pump Station Project, 811 SW 146th Street, Burien, WA 98166

       Dear Customers,
We need your comments regarding the 575 Reservoir and Booster Pump Station and its fence location required by City of Burien Code. Under existing City Code, the District is required to set the fence at the Building Set Back Line (BSBL), which is 15 to 20 feet from the property line, depending on adjacent land use. However, the reservoir is considered a critical facility by the Department of Homeland Security and it is recommended the fence be placed at the property line further away from the infrastructure for security purposes. The District supports these security recommendations because a fence placed at the property line would reduce the risk that someone could hide or camp behind the landscape foliage and it would lessen the ability of someone to gain access to the reservoir. Before initiating our efforts with the City to implement changes to the current City Code, the Board believes it is important to seek the input of property owners and residents residing in close proximity to the reservoir.

Please take a couple minutes to give us your opinion on the City of Burien’s fence code for this 4-million-gallon reservoir. Your comments are important to us and will allow us to bring this topic to the City Council for a potential code amendment to support the project.

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